The new Market season is only two short weeks away, so much to get done!  We're looking forward to seeing all of our regular market customers again, and hoping to attract a few new ones.  So much has been happening, here's the condensed version...

We've been working hard in the off season to perfect roasting techniques and develop new blends and flavor profiles to suit a wide range of coffee preferences.  Cat has been diving into books and online learning tools about roasting science (yes, she's a nerd) to better understand the chemistry of the roast, allowing more precise and clean flavor profiles to be coaxed from the beans. We have a few new coffees in the line-up as a result.  Three Dog Night is a bold, dark roast specifically blended for an ultra smooth cup with no trace of acidity.  Spice Island Sunrise is a light, mild breakfast blend with a touch of spice and orange zest providing warmth and brightness to the flavor.  Additionally, two new charity blends have joined our offerings, both providing donations to community service organizations: Hero's Blend, dedicated to local volunteer fire and rescue providers, with a donation going to Palmyra Company 1, as well as Cup o' Service, selected by the Cadets of the Interact Club at Fork Union Military Academy, donations from which will assist the club in continuing its amazing and varied service projects throughout the area.

See you soon!

March 24, 2019 — Cat Gardner